Before you apply, find out what to expect from our hiring process.
We'll take you through each step and our common FAQs will hopefully answer all your questions.

First step,
you apply

This is your time to shine. Use the application form to tell us who you are and how you'll help make Emma grow. If we like what we read, we'll invite you to an online cognitive assessment.

Next, we
examine the fit

This is where we get a glimpse of what roles your skills and strengths might be the best fit for and how you can make an impact at Emma.

Then we get
to know you

If you pass the test with flying colours, we'll arrange a 30-minute pre-interview. We get to know you, you get to know us.

Next, you
learn about us

If you impressed us in the previous round, we invite you to our recruiting day. This starts with a company presentation to find out more about Emma, followed by 2 to 3 1-hour interviews with a range of different Emmies.

the journey begins

If we’ve offered you a position and you’ve accepted, welcome aboard! Seems like you cannot wait to become an Emmie, so here are the two games that are part of your onboarding journey that you have received in your email. Make sure to complete all of the games to receive a special gift on your very first day 🥳

Frequently asked questions

We’re dedicated to building a team of top performers
So, here’s what we’re looking for in all candidates, regardless of which position and level you are applying for.
  • Entrepreneurial

    Entrepreneurial leadership means you ignite change by questioning the status quo and setting ambitious goals. Powered by strong strategic thinking and business judgment, you challenge every idea and constantly seek new opportunities to create, innovate and, sometimes, disrupt.

  • Thought

    Thought leadership means you combine logic, structure, and generating hypotheses to create leading solutions for complex and challenging problems. Combining this with a great and growing depth of knowledge, you help develop new best practices.

  • Executional

    Executional leadership means you take full ownership of your work and are proactive and eager to put ideas into motion. It ensures you don’t get stuck on theoretical problems, but instead work towards pragmatic solutions.

  • People

    People leadership means you embody the Emma DNA and can easily collaborate with people of all different personalities across the organisation. By quickly grasping the strengths and weaknesses of others, you can both effectively lead teams and work well within them.

Ready to be an Emmie?

If you’re considering to apply to Emma, we highly recommend you spend a bit of time learning more about our company and what life is like here to see if we would be a potential match to your needs as a future Emmie.

Curious to learn more?