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We hire all-year round with openings in a variety of teams all around the world! Check out our Our Teams page to see which one can help you reach the top of your game.  
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Be able to swap to different teams
We believe our Emmies can be adaptable, agile, and flexible in the skill sets they can bring to the table. We offer a Team Swap initiative in your first 3 months to let you explore more of your potential and awaken your best! 
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Get the chance to become a Full-Time Emmie!
If we see the right fit with our Emma DNA, that you were able to take ownership and drive impact during your internship, and if your career goals match what we need and can offer at Emma, there is a good possibility for becoming a full-time employee at Emma once your internship ends. 
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From Project and Campaign Management Intern to Team Lead Business Development, Frankfurt

“I started working at Emma in 2020 by pure chance – while browsing for mandatory internship, I was struck by the amazing growth which Emma was achieving, despite the COVID situation and many other companies laying off their employees.

I knew I wanted to work in a fresh and fast company, where striving for success was the key, and where I could match my interest in economics and numbers with a strong market and customers proximity. Emma meets my expectations. Inspiring individuals, strong development, steep learning curve, personal growth opportunity, flat hierarchy.

At Emma, everyone makes decisions, every day. Everyone goes to work with the responsibility almost as big as if you had your own company. It is that empowerment that makes Emma unique. I am very proud of the growth and success I achieved, entering as intern, moving to full time and achieving the team lead responsibilities: none of this would have happened without a meritocratic culture that rewards A-players and supports them in their growth, day by day.”

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current interns say


Intern CRM Marketing, Lisbon

“Working as an intern at Emma is a truly unique experience. Instead of typical intern tasks, I tackle exciting projects that allow me to showcase my abilities, take ownership, and grow professionally. I also immersed in a diverse and international atmosphere, surrounded by open-minded and outgoing colleagues.

And to make work even more enjoyable, Emma provides a range of entertaining events like the monthly intern gatherings and Thirsty Thursdays with the entire Lisbon office. Additionally, being based in Lisbon means that I am blessed with plenty of sun hours and for surfers, the nearby beaches offer some of the best waves, just waiting to be caught.”


Working Student Recruiting, Manila

“As an Emmie would say, working at Emma means taking prize for ownership and accountability even as an intern. My being ambitious found a perfect space as I drive creative ideas into actual business results through collaborative and global projects.

It is this same space that allowed me to challenge ideas from the corners of virtual screens and office rooms to refined team strategies and transformed culture. At Emma, the level of my role never limited the impact I can bring at work but has even expanded the professional landscape I can find growth in.”

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