Our mission is to help people understand the importance of sleep in our daily lives and
we will continue creating products that combine our world-class German engineering
together with Europe wide manufacturing. And we are just getting started.
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Where it began

Emma's story dates back to 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The journey began with our two founders wanting to make mattress shopping easier by bringing this market online, thereby creating the multi-brand platform Dormando.
Our two founders, Dennis Schmoltzi (left)
and Manuel Müller (right)

From an online shop to
the world leader in sleep

  • 2015

    We launched our first stand-alone brand mattress - Emma is born. Along with 100-day free trials, we recognised that “trying it out” is the key to success, an idea that still drives our daily business today.

  • 2016
    Emma acquired the Dunlopillo brand, and we started our own in-house Research & Development team to leverage our ability in creating superior sleep products.
  • 2019
    By 2019, we’ve surpassed our break-even and are online in 20+ markets. Dormando closed to sell only Emma products. Our patented graphite technology was introduced to the market.
  • 2021
    Exponential growth of Emma: 200K+ sold mattresses per month and 850+ employees. We launch Emma Motion, the world’s most advanced smart mattress with AI technology.

we do

Sleep tech & innovations

Emma Motion
Meet Europe’s first intelligent mattress with AI technology that reacts in real time to your changing sleeping positions to provide you with the perfect sleeping comfort.
Our breathable AirgoCell foam absorbs moisture and keeps air flowing through the mattress smoothly. You’lll also stay cool all night, thanks to this wonderfully temperature-regulating and open-pored foam.
Diamond Degree Foam
Our innovative graphite coating ensures a prolonged deep sleep phase through optimal temperature regulation. Thanks to heat-dissipating and touch-sensitive graphite particles, there is no more night sweat.

Emma Up sleep app

Emma Up put an end to poor sleep
Instead of counting on short-term ad-hoc solutions (e.g. meditation apps) or not giving any actionable recommendations (e.g. sleep tracker apps), Emma Up helps you to understand your sleep & your sleep struggles.

Based on that, Emma Up creates a personalized step by step program with which you'll sleep better consistently.
Learn more about Emma up

& other sleep company things

Our Most Awarded Mattress

Best product quality recognized with awards and praise

  • 3 layers of pressure relieving foam
  • Breathable, temperature regulating tech
  • Halo Memory Foam for spinal support
  • For all body types and sleeping positions
Emma Signature Bed
Its sturdy, solid wood construction, timeless design and minimalist style fits beautifully into any home.
Sleep Accessories

Emma global team

  • 1,000+
    devoted Emmies
  • 75
    languages spoken
  • 30+
    countries we operate in
  • 28
    avg age of Emmie
  • 5
    Global Offices
  • Frankfurt
  • Lisbon
  • Bucharest
  • Mexico City
  • Manila


  • 01
    We are
    We see opportunities, seize them and maximize them.
    We take ownership and have a can-do mindset.
  • 02
    We make
    an impact
    We make change happen.
    We question the status quo and discover how to improve.
    We go beyond what exists
  • 03
    We are
    We hypothesise, test, and adapt.
    We see failure as a step toward success.
  • 04
    We make
    rational decisions
    We seek what is best for Emma.
    We make decisions irrespective of our level.
    We don’t ask for approval. We decide, share, and act.
  • 05
    We are
    honest & direct
    We openly address anything and challenge one another.
    We give clear personal feedback and are candid and respectful.
  • 06
    We build
    high-performing teams
    We are a high-performing team made up of ambitious players.
    We need each other to win.
  • 07
    We are
    one team
    One team, one dream.
    We listen to understand.

Our Approach to Sustainability

As a trailblazing leader in the sleep industry, we are committed to making a positive impact on the world through our comprehensive sustainability strategy.

We envision a future where restful sleep goes hand in hand with environmental stewardship and social responsibility.


By selling fossil fuel-based mattresses, our company has an impact on the planet. With decarbonization and circularity of our products, we want to limit this impact as much as possible.  
As global emissions are increasing and the impact of climate change is affecting life quality in many countries, Emma takes an active role to limit its impact of climate change by decarbonization of its products.

Our commitment: Net zero until 2030 across our value chain

We want to reduce greenhouse gases as much as possible and remove remaining carbon from the atmosphere. At the same time, we will grow the Emma brand, and decouple our emissions from our revenue.
Our Carbon Footprint
Before taking climate action, it is key to understand the environmental impact of our products. We started by calculating our Corporate Carbon Footprint, and thus gained insight into our impact on climate change and full transparency about emissions of our products, logistics and advertising.
Our overall emissions amount to 492,000T CO2e in 2022.
    • 90% of these emissions are related directly to our products. Within the product emissions, the main hotspots are in mattresses (about 75 %). Beds and accessories represent 8% of the emissions both.

    • Another 8% of our emissions are related to purchases services such as Marketing and Consulting spends.

    • Emissions from logistics only account for 2% of our overall emissions.

    • Relatively small are the remaining emissions which are allocated to the rent of our offices and its electricity consumption, business travel and employee commuting.
How we want to reduce emissions
The biggest impact of our carbon footprint lies in our products and that’s why we decided to drastically change our product strategy. We are taking meaningful and significant action by prioritizing sustainability initiatives based on their CO2 impact.
  • 01
    • Implementing principles of sustainable product design. In the development of new Emma products, products are tested to ensure high durability. Additionally, all our mattresses have removable and washable covers. This further extends the lifetime of our products and thus reduces their impact.

    • Shift to spring mattress with the edge-to-edge spring design. As we identified that steel is less emission intense than foam, we are avoiding the use of foam. With this in mind, we are shifting our mattress portfolio from foam dominant to spring dominant mattresses. This reduces foam use by 40% per mattress. 
  • 02
    • Decreasing overall material use without affecting quality. By reducing the foam density in our foam mattresses, we were able to develop a product with 10% less foam. The durability and comfort of the mattress is not affected. This consequently decreases the weight and carbon footprint of our mattresses.
    • 03
      • Going forward, we need to decarbonize our supply chain. We want to enable our suppliers to produce Emma products with renewable energy. 100% renewable energy, like solar panels, wind energy or hydro energy reduces the emissions of energy to insignificant numbers.
    • 04
      • Replacing high-emission raw materials like foam with lower-emission materials wherever possible. When we have the option to choose recycled material, we opt for recycled foam, recycled plastic packaging and recycled steel.

      • Constantly screening the market for new sustainable technologies to replace foam. Several new technologies have piqued out interest and we engage with our partners to ensure our products can be as environmentally friendly as possible without skyrocketing costs.
    • 05
      • In order to achieve our net-zero target in 2030, we will remove remaining carbon from the atmosphere by planting new trees or investing in new carbon capturing technologies.
    30 million mattresses are discarded in Europe each year, which is equivalent to 678 times the height of Mount Everest. We envision a world where materials have a second life, that’s why we develop a program to refurbish and to recycle mattresses. 
    Second Life Concepts

    Due to our customer-centric business model we give our customers the opportunity to test their products at home. If a customer is not happy with our products, they can return it within the 100-day trial period. We are trying to reduce our return rates by optimizing the quality of our products and giving full information about our products. However, we cannot avoid product returns completely.

    To prevent products going to landfill and incineration, we have set up our refurbishment program. It is currently live in Germany, Netherlands, UK and France. All mattresses, that are returned within the 100 nights trial and are in good conditions are cleaned with UVC light or ozone and get a new cover. We then sell these mattresses with a discounted price on selected websites. With this initiative we give returned mattresses a 2nd Life and offer a good quality product at a discounted price. We plan to roll out this concept to other product groups and to more countries soon. 

    Enable recycling

    Product design is the basic requirement for proper recycling at the end-of-life stage. We are building products with as less materials as needed. This ensures that after the use phase, the recycling process can be less complex and easier to implement. Furthermore, we make sure that materials are easy to separate, and thus reduce cross contamination of recycled feedstock. All our mattresses have a removable cover to allow the textiles to be recycled separately.

    Old mattress recycling – We care about proper recycling of your old mattress. You'll make a positive impact by preventing you old mattress ending up in a landfill. Our recycling partners will ensure that your mattress is recycled responsibly and repurposed. For more information please go to the UK website.

    Chemical recycling of foam will be the next milestone for the mattress industry. At the moment, chemical companies are working on pilot tests of foam recycling. It would give us the opportunity to use post-consumer mattresses as feedstock for new mattresses. The chemical components can be recovered and used again for new flexible foam production. This will reduce the carbon footprint and reduces fossil fuel-based content. To scale chemical mattress recycling, cooperation between all stages along the value chain is crucial.


    In the social pillar Emma seeks wellbeing by maintaining a key focus on people. This includes customers, employees and the supply chain. The people pillar is divided into the areas Health & Wellbeing and Ethical & Equitable.  
    Health & Wellbeing
    Emma’s sustainability strategy is further supported by a focus on education and a differentiated approach to sleep health. Our people-oriented initiatives can help consumers make informed decisions about the sleep products they use, as well as understand why it is important to invest in their sleep in the first place.

    Our in-house sleep research team produces the content for numerous sleep education initiatives including:

    We partner with other companies and sports clubs to provide Sleep Consultancy services to high-needs demographics such as executives and elite athletes, explaining to them why sleep is so important and how they can take control of their sleep habits.
    Ethical & Equitable
    Emma impacts many people in the world across our business. We recognize our responsibility to ensure that we always respect human rights and understand the impact our business has on both the people and the communities where we operate. At Emma we see this as an opportunity to be a force for good and go above and beyond to eliminate all forms of discrimination and unlawful labor practices from our entire value chain.

    We are committed to respecting human rights and children’s rights by operationalizing our (Supplier) Code of Conduct. Our code of conduct is based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, ensuring we address our most critical human rights and environmental risks and impacts across our value chain.

    We also ensure that we follow ethical business practices, including combatting corruption, securing ethical data handling and digital technology. We have implemented a Supply Chain Due Diligence program where our suppliers and our own business area are monitored, and a risk assessment is conducted regularly.

    At Emma we recognize that the passion of our workforce is the foundation of our success. The diversity of the team we have built is a fundamental feature that allows us to adapt and thrive despite the challenges and obstacles we face. We proudly celebrate diversity and actively seek to broaden it. We have 1000+ employees from 78 countries.

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