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Exercise and Sleep | Press at Emma - The Sleep Company
If the quality of your sleep has been getting worse, you should consider buying some weights...
Emma reports record sales and accelerates international growth | Press at Emma - The Sleep Company
Emma – The Sleep Company continues its ascending journey in its eighth fiscal year: with a growth rate of 59 per cent, the sleep brand turned over EUR 645 million (USD 731 million) in 2021 compared to EUR 405 million (USD 494.7 million) in 2020.
How to sleep in a storm | Press at Emma - The Sleep Company
Storm Eunice making you anxious? Here are some techniques to help you sleep soundly when there's a storm raging outside
Best budget mattress | Press at Emma - The Sleep Company
Investing in a mattress has a long-term payoff, but that doesn't always mean you're going to be prepared to spend more than £500 on one. In fact, there are plenty of valid reasons why picking up one of the best budget mattresses may be a better option.
Emma under best weighted blankets | Press at Emma - The Sleep Company
The past two years have been among the toughest in living memory. As Covid-19 spread around the world, people – understandably – have become more stressed and anxious than ever. So it’s little wonder that weighted blankets have become a popular choice for people looking for a product to help soothe anxiety.
Viral sleep trends that work | Press at Emma - The Sleep Company
SLEEP is essential for our health and wellbeing and those struggling to get slumber will try anything to get a decent snooze. Social media is full of sleep tricks and tips to send you to the land of nod, but which ones actually work?