Software Development & IT

Code with us!

We’re the Software Development Team.

And guess what? We’re in-house.

As part of one of Europe’s most successful e-commerce platforms, our team plays a leading role in Emma’s success. Our front-end engineers work closely with the UX and Design Teams to create memorable online experiences. Our back-end engineers work with operations and finance to make sure the customer journey is a smooth one.
We like exchanging knowledge, testing new ideas, and developing in-house solutions. You’ll have the flexibility to work how you want to, and the freedom that comes with taking full ownership of your projects.

We offer lots of opportunities to learn, grow, and develop. (And not just software.)

Come work with us. Frankfurt is a great place for expats. We’ll help you get your work permit and find a flat. Our team members come from all over the world, and we all speak English.

Available jobs in Software Development & IT