Emma was founded on one basic
principle: to enhance people's sleep.
But nowadays, it's much more than
An industry-pioneering goal
means we need an industry-
pioneering team to accomplish it.

We are

We seek, seize, and maximise opportunities.
At Emma, we see opportunities everywhere. Whether it's reflecting on failure, questioning our beliefs or following our intuition, we never miss an opportunity to learn and grow.
We encourage calculated risk-taking and new ideas.
To reach new heights, we need to take risks. But we do so in a smart, considered way that minimises any potential downsides.
We take ownership across the company.
Taking ownership is crucial to our success. Each and every Emmie should act when they see the need for change and don't assume others will take ownership.
We don’t recognize territories.
Emmies take responsibility across teams and respectfully address anything that needs to be spoken about openly, but we never question for the sake of questioning.
We have a can-do mindset.
Being entrepreneurial means doing something that's never been done before. This means we need a positive and can-do mindset, even if we encounter obstacles or unknowns.

We make
an impact

We make change happen.
Impact means making change happen. We reach new heights by constantly disrupting ourselves, meaning every Emmie is required to proactively find areas for improvement and growth.
We question the status quo.
To find areas for improvement and growth, we must question everything—from processes and products to strategies and team setups.
We discover how to improve.
Questioning the status quo is the first step towards creating impact. We discuss solutions with a diverse set of colleagues, we design tests, and we discover how to improve.
We go beyond what exists.
If we did what everyone else does, we wouldn't be as successful as we are. Rather than taking best practices for granted, we think twice and reflect.
We create leading customer experiences.
At Emma, we understand the importance of creating outstanding customer experiences. This is how our customers come to love us, become loyal, and recommend Emma to others.

We are

We hypothesise, test, and adapt.
Being agile doesn't mean doing things quick and dirty. It means that we start with an idea and define our approach based on how confident we are about it.
We work based on hypotheses.
Our hypotheses are guided by ideation, intuition, and gut feeling. We don't need data to discuss a hypothesis or start realizing a novel idea—we trust in the intuition and experience of our team.
We see failure as a step toward success.
At Emma, failure is seen as part of change. We try and often fail but we take these learnings and use them to improve—they don't stop us from taking calculated risks in the future.
We take small steps, review, and adjust.
We take small steps, make discoveries and rework as we go. We prefer this pragmatic approach to a bullet-proof plan. After all, done is better than perfect.
We share early, openly, and broadly.
The power of a diverse team comes from tapping into different views and perspectives. To access this diversity of thought, we share information early, openly, and broadly across teams.
We build processes that support agility where needed.
Stable, reliable and standardized processes are needed to manage complexity as we grow. We drop a process if it's not flexible enough for our agile, entrepreneurial approach.

We make
rational decisions

We seek what is best for Emma.
Decisions are made based on what makes the most sense for the company. What’s best for Emma can be discovered by applying good business sense and judgement.
We make decisions irrespective of our level, background, or tenure.
Our team members are trusted to involve relevant people in the decision making-process—regardless of level, age, or tenure. This inspires a sense of ownership and authority.
We don’t ask for approval. We decide, share, and act.
Asking for approval is for hierarchical companies and people who do not want to take ownership. We share early, openly, and broadly but when we're convinced that a decision would be in the best interest of Emma, we take it.
We are non-hierarchical and non-siloed.
At Emma, we don't observe hierarchy or position. Everyone is equal so we are free to meet and discuss with anyone.
We measure what needs to be managed.
We do not measure results just to prove that we were right. For example, we do not measure the impact of teams; we believe that teams can manage themselves.

We are
honest & direct

We openly address anything we need to.
We can only advance as a team if we voice new ideas and address issues openly. If we shy away from conflict and dissent, we won’t be able to tackle problems and move forward.
We challenge one another.
We benefit from a diverse team with diverse perspectives when we challenge each other and ask tough questions. This is not about putting each other on the spot, but about finding the best solution.
We give clear personal feedback.
To help each other grow, we give clear, respectful and personalised feedback in a timely manner. This feedback is provided as early as possible and is given to everyone—from interns to the founders.
We question actions that are inconsistent to our values.
When we see behavior that is inconsistent to our values, we address it openly with the respective person—regardless of their position within the company.
We are candid and respectful.
Whether we're addressing issues, challenging one another or giving clear feedback, we always remain candid and respectful. We work to remain objective and ask questions to understand the situation.

We build
high-performing teams

We are a high-performing team.
Our high-performing team consists of strong team players with clear strengths. We learn from each other, succeed together and inspire the whole company to reach new heights.
We complement each other.
Our team members complement each other with their different strengths. Strength-based working is how we get the best out of every team member and the best overall team performance.
We actively build our team.
We're constantly looking for the best talent to support our team set-up and worldwide growth. This sometimes means letting people go, but we're always fair and transparent in our feedback and decision process.
We develop and retain talent.
Developing talent is a vital part of maintaining a high-performing team. We develop and empower our Emmie's by providing honest feedback, focusing on their strengths and offering new challenges and learning opportunities.

We are
one team

We are one team, one dream
We all have our eyes on the same prize: growth. Personal and professional. We want to succeed, but we can only succeed together—a mindset we intend on keeping, even as we grow.
We listen to understand.
Dissent can be extremely powerful, but only if we are willing to listen. When a colleague disagrees with an idea, we listen and ask questions in order to understand.
We do not point fingers.
No one makes mistakes on purpose. Instead of finger-pointing, we discuss and review our failures in order to learn—failure is part of the process of constant change.
We have “no company politics” and “no ego”.
Emma is not about individuals, it's about the team. We consider company politics as a waste of time and resources so we don't lobby ideas for our own sake or make decisions based on ego.

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