Emma Motion, our smart mattress

Emma Motion - Sleep Tech

Emma Motion, our smart mattress

What is a smart mattress?

A smart mattress differs from traditional mattresses in that they are not only made of foam and springs. All technological features should be integrated into the mattress itself (not the bedframe). In this case, Sleep tracking is dedicated to monitoring sleep patterns to optimize sleep. Advanced products also offer spinal alignment as this has a huge impact on sleep quality. Further functionalities of smart mattresses are automatic adjustments to firmness and temperature regulation

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Rocking Sleep Science

Innovation requires a set of various skills

Emma’s Research and Development Team unifies a wide range of skills to create true innovations related to the world of sleep. Consisting of more than 30 highly motivated and talented people the team is constantly challenging the status quo in order to define a new “State-of-Sleep” and thereby integrating Tech to optimise sleep. The team’s approach has always been to improve the sleep experience holistically, for every individual. Their key to success is a unique combination of different backgrounds, skills and specializations. Please find some details as follows:



Understanding the scientific complexity of processes within the body during different phases of sleep is vital when it comes to the improvement of sleep quality. As everyone has different sleep preferences, mattresses ideally adapt to your body’s specific needs (e.g. temperature, ergonomics). Keeping track of your sleep habits or using a mattress that adjusts to your body movements can help getting a perfect night’s sleep. Therefore, Emma’s R&D team members transform their scientific knowledge in biology, biochemistry, cognitive psychology and neuroscience into practical development and application.



In order to put theoretical knowledge into practice, well-founded engineering skills are essential. There is a large field of specialized knowledge in the R&D team, reaching from mechanical and industrial to material and electronical engineering. This specific knowledge helps to create digital and physical prototypes for new sleep innovations and scale them with eye for the detail. Prior to any product launch, prototypes are meticulously checked at Emma’s own test lab to ensure highest standards of quality and performance.



As people change their sleeping position up to 60 times in one night, it is important to ensure that the spine is always aligned. Therefore, several experts are constantly combining all their knowledge to make Emma mattresses ergonomically suitable for all body types. This requires extensive research about important factors, such as the right degree of elasticity in the right place. Especially by developing the Emma Motion smart mattress, the R&D team focused on finding a solution for this challenge as it adjusts to your body continuously. Ergonomics are a key factor for a great night’s sleep and for living a healthy life.



Technological know-how is required for both the development of prototypes and testing of devices as well as for the development of innovative features within the mattress itself. For instance, a team of specialists in the fields of software development or sensor systems technology is permanently investigating and developing new sensor-based and smart features that will improve sleep on a whole new level, in alignment with the scientific knowledge and extensive data about sleeping habits or positions.


Data Science

During the development and testing phase of new products, a myriad of data from the examination is filtered, analyzed and evaluated. Therefore, in-depth knowledge in the fields of Information Technology, Analytics or Artificial Intelligence is highly pronounced within the team. This ensures that Emma not only provides high quality bedding items but also allows to extend the product range in the direction of Sleep Tech. In doing so, Machine Learning is part of the product development and of the Emma Motion aiming to improve sleep according to the company’s mission one night at a time.


Design and Discovery

Complex technology requires great design to make it easy for the customer to actually use the product. A well-designed product – be it a mattress, a pillow, or a tech product – should be aesthetically appealing. However, great design should neither harm a product’s functionalities, nor its durability or operability. Therefore, several Product and Industrial Designers, as well as Design Engineers are constantly working on this challenge to find the best solutions. In particular, with regards to Sleep Tech, Design plays a major role. Here, innovative products, services, or features, so far partially only existent in neuroscientific research, shall be made available to a wide audience. App development is a great example. Applications should always be seen in the light of user discovery, as a user-centric approach plays a crucial role for implementing new, innovative products.


Chemical Technology & Foam Science

Extensive knowledge in the field of chemical technology, including the composition of foams, textiles and other materials, is pivotal when developing a mattress. Several experts have developed the unique Diamond Degree® Technology. This technology incorporates millions graphite particles into the mattress, which assist in regulating the body temperature effectively by dissipating surplus heat. In doing so, the ideal body temperature for deep sleep phases can be reached, which is essential for restful sleep. Furthermore, the right combination of foam layers is important to support your body. Emma applies HRX foam to support heavier body parts, usually at the bottom of the mattress, and combines it with visco-elastic memory foams or smooth composed foams.



Infinite AI Sensor

The Infinite AI Sensor perceives and automatically responds to changing sleep position. It consists of a dense grid of 360 motion sensors that detect even the slightest pressure. As the body moves during sleep, the sensors analyze and process the data in real time. With the help of AI, the data is translated into your current sleeping positions. To achieve this, we have trained a neural network with several terabytes of data to ensure accurate interpretation of the data.


Silent Move IQ

Silent Move IQ is a technology, which adjusts to your movements silently and effortlessly while you are sleeping – for maximum comfort and ultimate ergonomics. Silent Move IQ receives the information from the Infinite AI Sensor Mat, interprets it and transmits the signal to the two Motion Fields, which start to adjust. It is a system that compresses and decompresses the foam-based Motion Fields to provide relief or support in the respective body area. This active adjustment throughout the night supports  your spine, making sure it is balanced and aligned.


Diamond Degree®

Emma Motion contains our proven Diamond Degree® technology in the top layer of the mattress. With millions of heat-conducting graphite particles in the foam, Emma Motion actively helps regulate the temperature by dissipating excess body heat away from the mattress. This helps to reach the ideal temperature for deep sleep more quickly. Another important factor in sleep quality.


Other unique features: the Emma Motion…

  • is a fully-integrated system, no external installations.
  • is constantly adapting to changing sleeping positions.
  • is based on foam technology, therefore providing the full comfort of a superior, classic mattress.
  • includes patented technology  (Infinite AI Sense, Silent Move IQ).
  • was developed by Emma’s R&D-team in collaboration with technology partners and suppliers in Germany.