We're looking for
entrepreneurial individuals
who are ready to change
how people sleep!

Join the Accelerator Program by Emma, the fastest-growing European startup!

Who is the Emma
Accelerator Program for?

We are here for everyone who has the potential to change and improve how people sleep.

We value entrepreneurial spirit, analytical mindset, and a collaborative, goal-driven personality.

Why should we
team up?

Your ideas and talent combined with our expertise can lead to the next breakthrough sleep innovation.

Our goal is to help more people awaken the power of a great night's sleep.

What’s in it for you?

Your project will be supported by funding, mentorship, market reach, and our strong expertise in quickly scaling the D2C business. Depending at what stage of your journey you are, there are different ways you could benefit. This is an opportunity to grow together with us!

Scale up your business

Monetary investment of up to €250,000. Power up the growth of your customer base through our e-commerce platform across 30 global markets. Learn from the fastest-growing European startup and our business practices. Be competitive and achieve long-term strategy with our sustained hypergrowth (+170% in 2020).


Launch your idea

Access multiple, essential resources to build your 1st product. Collaborate with young, international ambitious people. Learn from great mentors with experience in ecommerce & tech industry. Benefit from our market reach of 2M+ customers. A unique network opportunity (inside/outside of Europe, e-Commerce, and tech industry).

How to Apply

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